(Last update: 3/13/2004)

5 new stories:

Another World (PG)
Summary: Reyes says goodbye to Doggett at the end of 4-D.
DTA Rating: 5

It Had To Be You [link] (NC-17)
Rose Campion
Summary: This story was originally meant as an answer to a challenge on Diandra Hollman's DoggettTorture site- Doggett falls victim to an exotic disease. I'm pretty sure this is not what she had in mind though. "Your infection appears to be bacteria of an unknown kind. Their purpose appears to be to excrete substances into your bloodstreams...The goal of the researcher appears to be to induce concupiscence in the human male."
DTA Rating: N

Mener par le Bout du Nez (NC-17)
By: Diandra Hollman
Summary: "I could feel his eyes on me. I also felt a sense of dread. The kind a child feels when he knows he's done something wrong and is going to be punished."
DTA Rating: N X

Sweet Sorrow (PG-13)
Summary: Mulder has been found dead and he stays dead ;)...Scully finds comfort in another man's arms.
DTA Rating: N A

That Much And Nothing More (PG-13)
Summary: Doggett doesn’t know where he is, or how he got there. This is his thoughts on everything that is going on.
DTA Rating: 4

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